Welcome to RockClub.us

Greetings Fellow Rockhound! :)

This website if for Rockhounds and Rockhound Clubs.

Rock Clubs, Mineral Society's and similar are now able to have a web presence of their own without cost.

Our first Rock Club to take advantage of our website offering is:

The Chesapeake Gem and Mineral Society - Their meetings are held in Catonsville Maryland

If your club is interested in a web presence (we will start with a single page listing your contact information, meeting place and times, etc).

Please contact us at Rockhounds@rockclub.us

Our most humble apologies to www.rockhound.com, for unintentionally copying code from their website. We hope that the 40 lashes that we gave our webmaster trainee is sufficient punishment. Please accept our gratitude for the great service that your website provides to the Rockhounding community.

We are a non-profit website that hopes to give Rock and Mineral clubs around the country a free presence on the internet. We do not take or use advertising. The cost of this website comes out of our own pockets as a gesture of friendship to others that are as infatuated with Rocks and Minerals as we are.


Wayne Homens
Owner and Webmaster of Rockclub.us

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